The S.A.D.ness of Treating Pain


96% of people using opioids (pain meds) will experience side effects


Nearly 80 percent of Americans using heroin (including those in treatment) reported misusing prescription pain meds first.


7 Americans DIE EVERY HOUR from Pain Pills

Your Vehicle was Designed to be in a Crash … You Weren’t.

Auto injuries are one of the most common reasons pain meds are prescribed

A Car Crash Produces Lots of Stress

Physical Stress

  • ALL the muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and nerves of the body are subjected to amazing forces which can cause these soft-tissues to be pulled, stretched, compressed, strained, torn, damaged and impaired. Your organs are sloshed around inside your body…especially your BRAIN.
  • Scar tissue begins to form within 48 hours
  • Pain and scar tissue will continue to disrupt your normal function resulting in long term problems and impairment.

Chemical & Nutritional Stress

  • Inflammation starts immediately after a crash
  • Using Rx & OTC drugs that can cause toxicity, deficiencies and disrupt organ systems
  • Hormonal Disruption
  • Dehydration
  • Too many refined foods & sugars

Fear & Emotional Stress

  • Fear & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often experienced after a crash and can disrupt every part of your life.
  • Financial & Legal Issues
  • Family & Personal Issues

Bio-Electric Stress

  • Your body runs on its own electricity and your brain is the computer. The nervous system carries the vital information from every cell of your body to the brain and then back to the cells to maintain normal health and balance. A car crash can be like a bolt of lightning surging your computer.

Use Massage as Medicine – Not Pain Pills …

We aim to provide first-class in-home care to protect you from the sadness of drugs and surgery.

Short-Term Care / Days After the Crash

Treating the pain, stiffness, inflammation, and other immediate symptoms after a crash.

Long-Term Care / Months or Years After the Crash

Helping patients with chronic and catastrophic injuries manage pain & optimize function WITHOUT DRUGS.

Opioid-Reduction Programs

Providing non-drug pain relief options & supportive care critical to the success of those patients wanting to reduce opioid dependence.

Customer Testimonials

"I feel good all day. I no longer have headaches and my Raynaud’s is much much better. I recently went to a water park on a windy chilly day. I went swimming even though my whole body was shivering because of the wind. My fingers and toes maintained circulation."
Crystal L.

"I have no pain, no discomfort, and no swelling. I feel great! I am not having any allergy problems either. My energy level is up and I just have a good all over feeling."
Patsy D.

"I still have a two level fusion, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The big difference is the nutrition therapy, along with the supplements, has brought improved quality to my life. I have so much more energy than before and my headaches are gone. I am not afraid of tomorrow. I have been on so many medications in the past. Using nutrition and daily supplements has been such a huge improvement in my daily health. My body is starting to heal!"
Shannon M.

We Understand Auto Injuries!

Our Massage and Non_drug Therapies Help You Handle the Stress of a Car Crash.